Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Trip to Khasab, Musandam targeting Giant Trevally


I accepted this trip on short notice and was excited as this was my first trip to Khasab, Musandam targeting Giant Trevally. I had bought a Ripple fisher Aquila rod 82 2/4 for light games as in Musandam. I had bought few poppers, and some 160 grams jigs as the field depth was less than 100m.

We were three anglers. There was plenty of space to cast. We were casting for first two hours. One of the anglers got on to a GT. It gave some hope for us. We were casting for some time. The captain suggested we start jigging as there was no top water activity.  By then I had a missed strike.

We changed location and started jigging. The depth was 60 meters. Suddenly I felt the line light and then the reel started screaming. Wow, what feeling when you here such a scream. We immediately knew it was a GT. Being the first one I wanted to Land it safely. I was holding and started to reel in slowly. It was fighting from right from the bottom and all the way up. When landed it I was so happy. I was always thinking GT means popping and a top water game. Slow pitch jigging can get any fish throughout the water column. All GT’s were released back to the sea after few clicks. It was a pleasure to see them dive into the waters and swim away

I went on to hook 4 GT’s. Then we changed location and were jigging at 30m depth. Understood that it was not a great feeling to jig there. Could feel that jig was dropping too soon. But I did get some Sheri’s. we continued to change location and got a red grouper which I released promptly.  Got a Naiser, spotted snapper. So colorful the fish was I released it after a picture.

While lifting one of the sherry the capt used the rod and the tip broke. Unfortunately, it was Poseidon 603-3 and expensive rod. I have it for repair, probably the tip will be shortened. It may now be called 603-4 😊

 Overall, a satisfied trip and learning to handle slow pitch jigging rods. Thanks to the sea.

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