Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Fishing Adventure in Khorfakkan: Chasing Amberjack and Pinjalo Snapper

Planned trip. Weather was great. Capt Ali advised us to be on boat at 4am. Plan was to jig for some time and reach the casting area for tuna. The previous day huge, long tail tuna top water activity was seen and the capt wanted us to have some casting fun. 

Previous trips were of mixed outcome on jigging. Amberjack was not seen couple of trips. This time I decided I use only Deepliner spy which has always got me amberjacks. On the very first drift my reel was screaming and fellow fisherman said it is an Amber. I was using 1.5 PE line, so my drag was low. I could clearly see the drag was not good enough. However I dint want to increase the drag without checking so continued the fish fight with slightly loose drag. 

Later we moved many miles to the casting area. We waited for few hours for top water activity. During the wait I dropped up to 450 meters. I had missed strike. When the top water activity started fishermen started trolling with long lines and we just could manage to cast safely. We left the casting area. 

We had seen some get a Pinjalo snapper in the previous week on some other boat. So we insisted we do some bottom fishing. Capt was not convinced as the season had not started. But however the team was sure to try. Well when you drop squid atleast sultan Ibrahim is going to strike. To our surprise we got about six Pinjalo snappers. I managed to hook two. The trip was great. 

We reached the shore by around 4PM. Although a hot day it was an excellent fishing day. Thanks to the ocean

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