Tuesday, January 16, 2024

King Fish Hits again ! Deep sea fishing trip - Abu Dhabi


A few angler friends set up a trip in Abu Dhabi. This trip was primarily to hunt for King fish or the King Mackerel. I am always shy of sharing casting trips due to safety concerns. however these were very experienced anglers so was excited to join the trip. 

During the last trip in Khorfakkan, I was using my Ripple fisher Aquila 82-4 rod casting very light Rapala sinking lures. the casting distance was not so great. the group suggested me to get some heavy lures. But i was carrying a Daiwa outrage boat casting rod which can cast light lures. however i picked few hardcore sinking lures up to 40 grams. 

On the drive to Abu Dhabi me and fellow angler were discussing about new moon day. He has strong idea that full moon is not as productive as new moon. I will talk about this later on the catches of new moon at two different locations.

We left the port at 630 am. We reached out first location island near by and did not see any top water activity. I would have started jigging waiting for the top water activity to start. however, the Captain had different idea. he wanted to go around the island and see if any activity around. when we reached the other side we saw some birds. wow that's the sight  we wanted to see. 

As we reached closer we saw some frenzy. we started casting. one of the angler got a King fish. I was excited t cast and retrieve fast as the king fish likes to attack. I had two misses in the first sport. we saw another frenzy closer and when we moved there  I got hooked to a small size king fish. There was no fight for a Shimano stradic 3000 reel but the happiness was immense to get a king on the boat.

We kept moving to frenzies and were getting atleast one fish in each frenzy. midday the frenzies slow down. i wanted to fast jig with a long profile one to see if any king which may be in the bottom will take them. after a few drops found no strike. 

Later we moved away around the island and found some frenzies. we casted into them and got few more kings. the learning for this day was that if you cast right into the frenzy there is a high posiblity of the fish taking them. any where around does not produce desired results.

All round we caught forty three king fish and one of the best trips I have made. 

Thanks to the sea ! another great day.

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Capping off the Year with Epic Angling Adventures: A Thrilling Tale of Tuna Triumphs and Marlin Hopes


As we embarked on our final fishing expedition of the year, the anticipation was high, fueled by memories of incredible trips throughout the seasons. Our group of six anglers, although reduced to five due to unforeseen circumstances, embraced the challenge with enthusiasm, even as the trip's cost edged slightly higher. The silver lining? Increased space between anglers during jigging, promising a unique experience.

The captain's reassuring call the previous day, confirming favorable weather conditions, set the stage for what we hoped would be a memorable journey. With the possibility of targeting marlins in mind, buoy deployment with live baits became a tantalizing prospect, reigniting the excitement for landing the elusive black Marlin that had eluded us on a prior trip.

Setting sail slightly behind schedule, our first task was to secure live bait from local fishermen. However, a twist of fate led us to pivot, dropping two buoys with dead Bonito provided by the captain before heading to our designated jigging location.

Situated at a depth of 160-220 meters, the serene sea and mild winds welcomed our crew. With minimal currents, the stage was set for an extraordinary angling experience. Armed with my trusty Evergreen Poseidon Slow pitch jerker 603-6 paired with an Ocea jigger 4000 HG, I opted for a 290-gram seafloor control arrow, a proven choice in recent trips.

As the jigging commenced, the thrill of a strike reverberated through the boat. Swift actions and strategic decisions unfolded as we reeled in long tail tunas, marking a promising start to the day. Worries of tangled lines were cast aside as each angler successfully landed their catch, a stark contrast to our recent outings.

Drifting for another round, I secured an average-sized long tail tuna, adding to my tally of four in the morning session. Intrigued by the prospect of underwater activity around buoys, we discovered evidence of Mahimahi indulging in a half-eaten Bonito, adding an unexpected twist to our adventure.

Returning to our jigging location, the captain suggested targeting red snapper with a slow jig. Adapting to the change, I switched to the Deepliner VB 250 grams, reeling in a Belt fish amidst the challenge. A brief break for food and rest reinvigorated our energy for the next phase.

Resuming our efforts, I switched to a fat jig from AliExpress, resulting in a much-needed nap that rejuvenated me for the subsequent angling endeavors. The remainder of the day unfolded with a series of successes, including landing a total of nine long tail tunas, contributing to a collective count of twenty-four tunas among all anglers.

While my personal best weighed in at 10 kgs on PE 1.5, the pursuit of a 25 kgs longtail on the same setup remains a tantalizing goal for future trips. As the year comes to a close, this adventure stands out as one of the highlights, offering a glimpse into the exciting possibilities that the next year holds. Grateful for the wonders of the ocean, we eagerly look forward to more thrilling exploits in the coming year.

Sunday, December 17, 2023

Marine Chronicles: A Day of Mystery and Triumph with Captain Ali


This marks my second-to-last trip of the year alongside Captain Ali, and with 21 out of 22 trips booked, anticipation runs high. Having returned empty-handed on November 26th at Khorfakkan, the desire for substantial catches intensifies. Captain Ali, a few days before the trip, suggests packing 120-180 grams jigs for fast jigging and a 30 grams jig for casting with a light setup targeting long-tail tuna if there's topwater activity. He adds a twist, mentioning red snappers and the prospect of slow jigging.

Starting at the usual 5 AM, I'm armed with a 210 grams Nomad high ridge with zebra stripes jig for fast jigging at our initial spot. Upon reaching, Captain reveals the depth to be 140 meters, prompting a switch to a sea floor arc 310 grams jig. The first drift yields success—a fellow angler hooks an Amberjack after a spirited fight. Excitement courses through the group, setting a positive tone. We switch locations, reaching depths of 180 to 220 meters. Constantly changing jigs pays off, and after a few hours, I land a Belt fish with a 290 grams jig. Using the Poseidon slow jerker 603-6 with an Ocea jigger 4000HG reel, the Poseidon rig proves its worth. Success follows as I reel in a grouper and a sultan Ibrahim, culminating in a satisfying catch—a medium-sized long-tail tuna.

The highlight of the day unfolds when a monstrous fish takes a fellow angler's jig at 40 meters deep. Despite the reel pushed to its limits, the fish persists. Captain Ali takes over, suspecting a Huge Marlin or a large shark. Unlike typical Marlins, this one refuses to surface, adding an air of mystery. Unfortunately, the line snaps at the leader end, leaving us in suspense.

Undeterred, we try trolling with a buoy and small Bonitos, but luck eludes us. On the way back, spotting topwater activity leads to casting for small, long-tail tunas, yet the effort yields no catches.

Overall, it's been a remarkable day at sea. Captain Ali and I decide to plan future trips targeting sailfish and Marlin later in the year, promising more thrilling adventures on the horizon

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Epic Jigging Adventure in Oman: Tuna Triumphs, Deep Sea Feasts, and Unforgettable Fights


Embarking on a journey into the heart of Oman's rich waters, I found myself entangled in the excitement of a deep-sea jigging trip with a seasoned angler, Dr. Angler, and a group of experienced enthusiasts. Despite my initial hesitation, the promise of a bountiful catch lured me into the adventure, setting the stage for an unforgettable day on the open sea.

Setting Sail at Dawn:

With only five anglers on board, all seasoned veterans, we set out from my home at 1 AM. After a border crossing at Kathm, a brief hour of sleep recharged our spirits as we eagerly anticipated the adventures that awaited us. The boat beckoned, and as dawn broke, we were ready to tackle the challenge that lay ahead.

Jigging at Shinas:

Our destination was Shinas, a promising spot where Yellowfin Tuna were rumored to be just 80 miles away. The first fishing spot, a mere 25 minutes from the shore, delivered quick successes for fellow anglers with long-tail Tuna. Equipped with a Seafloor Control Arc jig, I cast my line into the depths, initially without success. Frustration mounted as the lean patch continued, but the allure of the deep kept me focused.

Persistence Pays Off:

Switching to a Deepliner Spy jig as we ventured into deeper waters, my luck remained elusive. However, the tide turned when I opted for a Seafloor Control Arrow, recalling its success with groupers on previous trips. The anticipation heightened as I felt a subtle tug, set the hook, and reeled in a prized long-tail Tuna—a moment I had long awaited.

Feast on the High Seas:

As midday approached, Yus suggested a break, and we indulged in a feast of freshly caught Greater Amber Jack, skipjack, and red tail scad. With Yus's culinary skills, a delectable fish curry complemented the meal, a true testament to the ocean's generosity.

The Resurgence of the Current:

Revitalized after lunch, I resumed jigging in the face of varying currents. Adapting to the challenging conditions, I switched between jigs, from 400 grams to the reliable Seafloor Control Arrow. The fish responded, and the fight intensified. Amidst the tumultuous currents, I proudly landed a Big Eye Snapper, capturing the essence of the diverse marine life beneath.

The Thrill of the Fight:

The increasing current added a new dimension to the battle with the long-tail Tuna. Their resistance seemed doubled, harnessing the current to resist capture. Engaged in a captivating struggle, I learned to leverage the ebb and flow, savoring every moment of the exhilarating fight.

A Day Well Spent:

Returning to port, our day culminated in a well-deserved meal at a local restaurant, where BBQ camel meat and burgers became the perfect finale to a remarkable fishing adventure. With the camaraderie of a seasoned team, I reflected on the day's triumphs and the shared joy of a day well spent on the vast expanse of the Arabian Sea.

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Jigging Adventure with Captain Ali - November 26, 2023


Embarking on a highly anticipated jigging trip with Captain Ali and a group of fellow anglers promised excitement and the thrill of the unknown. As we prepared for our adventure, the weather took an unexpected turn with rain and high winds forecasted. The winds in Dubai were visibly strong, setting the stage for a challenging yet thrilling day on the water. Adding to the intrigue, cloud seeding activities added an air of mystery to the already dynamic conditions.

Two days of uncertain weather culminated in a strategic decision by Captain Ali to start the trip at 6 AM. With the coast guard monitoring conditions closely, the call to begin our expedition was granted at 6 AM as expected and we set off.

Our day commenced at 7:30 AM with high hopes, but the first two hours yielded no bites. Undeterred, we shifted to our second spot, a drift between 180-200 meters deep. This decision proved to be the turning point of the day.

Throughout the day, our persistence paid off. One angler skillfully hooked a Longtail Tuna, while an impressive 17.5-kilogram Amberjack was reeled in by another. The bounty continued with various anglers securing belt fish, although my own encounter with a particularly feisty one resulted in the loss of around 200 meters of line.

In the midst of our fishing endeavors, a dramatic incident unfolded. A fellow angler accidentally dropped his rod with the reel into the deep waters. As we watched the sinking rod with disbelief, a collective effort ensued to retrieve it. In an unexpected twist of fate, as I jigged at the bottom, my line entangled with something unusual. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be the lost rod and reel, submerged nearly 200 meters below the surface. Our successful recovery became the highlight of the day, a stroke of luck amidst the challenges of the deep sea.

Despite the intermittent successes, the elusive nature of the sea kept me without a single nibble on my line for the entire day. Even after changing jigs and adjusting rod setups, the sea remained mysterious and unrevealing. The experience, coupled with the fact that it was a full moon day, left me pondering the intricate dance between lunar phases and fishing outcomes.

As the boat returned to the harbor, the memories of the day lingered, a testament to the unpredictable yet exhilarating nature of deep-sea jigging. While my personal catch eluded me, the camaraderie, unexpected twists, and the thrill of the depths left an indelible mark on this unforgettable jigging excursion.

King Fish Hits again ! Deep sea fishing trip - Abu Dhabi

  A few angler friends set up a trip in Abu Dhabi. This trip was primarily to hunt for King fish or the King Mackerel. I am always shy of sh...