Friday, November 3, 2023

Jigging trip to Khorfakkan with Capt. Ali 29 Oct 2023



This was a planned trip. We were six anglers as usual. The trip was after the cyclone. Two days after heavy rain. It was full moon as well. The captain called two days before and confirmed the trip. The weather was perfect as we expected for jigging. Water was crystal clear. We could see the jigs swimming its was for may meters deep. Well, I was believing most of this will work in our favor.  The captain again called on Saturday and said the fishing was not so great. So, he had a plan to keep us in less depth in the morning hours and gradually go into deep waters.

When we reached our first location, I dropped a sea floor control rector 270 grams. On the second lift something large took my jig. I screamed “fish on” and the next moment did not feel anything. I lost the jig. When I reeled the PE braid was cut. My heart sunk. Probably it is due previous damage, I think. We did three drifts there and moved to many other locations. The captain mentioned that although radar shows fish, they are not active. I changed jigs to seafloor control Slow legend, arc and Abyss. Also, I switched to Deepliner spy, VB, CX-B. After many location changes one angler got a long tail tuna hooked on the tail. He got a Trevally as well. Now everyone wanted to know what jigs he was using. He was proud to talk about those Indonesian jigs probably bought in Malaysia. I managed to get two smaller gropers.

We kept jigging and it was time to pack up. It was hard luck. Many say that full moon is not the day for fishing. Some called me personally after the trip to emphasize the fact that full moon is not productive for jigging. I have mixed results on full moon days. Should I restrict my bookings to new moon.?

Hope I will find answers one day!!

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