Tuesday, January 16, 2024

King Fish Hits again ! Deep sea fishing trip - Abu Dhabi


A few angler friends set up a trip in Abu Dhabi. This trip was primarily to hunt for King fish or the King Mackerel. I am always shy of sharing casting trips due to safety concerns. however these were very experienced anglers so was excited to join the trip. 

During the last trip in Khorfakkan, I was using my Ripple fisher Aquila 82-4 rod casting very light Rapala sinking lures. the casting distance was not so great. the group suggested me to get some heavy lures. But i was carrying a Daiwa outrage boat casting rod which can cast light lures. however i picked few hardcore sinking lures up to 40 grams. 

On the drive to Abu Dhabi me and fellow angler were discussing about new moon day. He has strong idea that full moon is not as productive as new moon. I will talk about this later on the catches of new moon at two different locations.

We left the port at 630 am. We reached out first location island near by and did not see any top water activity. I would have started jigging waiting for the top water activity to start. however, the Captain had different idea. he wanted to go around the island and see if any activity around. when we reached the other side we saw some birds. wow that's the sight  we wanted to see. 

As we reached closer we saw some frenzy. we started casting. one of the angler got a King fish. I was excited t cast and retrieve fast as the king fish likes to attack. I had two misses in the first sport. we saw another frenzy closer and when we moved there  I got hooked to a small size king fish. There was no fight for a Shimano stradic 3000 reel but the happiness was immense to get a king on the boat.

We kept moving to frenzies and were getting atleast one fish in each frenzy. midday the frenzies slow down. i wanted to fast jig with a long profile one to see if any king which may be in the bottom will take them. after a few drops found no strike. 

Later we moved away around the island and found some frenzies. we casted into them and got few more kings. the learning for this day was that if you cast right into the frenzy there is a high posiblity of the fish taking them. any where around does not produce desired results.

All round we caught forty three king fish and one of the best trips I have made. 

Thanks to the sea ! another great day.

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