Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Capping off the Year with Epic Angling Adventures: A Thrilling Tale of Tuna Triumphs and Marlin Hopes


As we embarked on our final fishing expedition of the year, the anticipation was high, fueled by memories of incredible trips throughout the seasons. Our group of six anglers, although reduced to five due to unforeseen circumstances, embraced the challenge with enthusiasm, even as the trip's cost edged slightly higher. The silver lining? Increased space between anglers during jigging, promising a unique experience.

The captain's reassuring call the previous day, confirming favorable weather conditions, set the stage for what we hoped would be a memorable journey. With the possibility of targeting marlins in mind, buoy deployment with live baits became a tantalizing prospect, reigniting the excitement for landing the elusive black Marlin that had eluded us on a prior trip.

Setting sail slightly behind schedule, our first task was to secure live bait from local fishermen. However, a twist of fate led us to pivot, dropping two buoys with dead Bonito provided by the captain before heading to our designated jigging location.

Situated at a depth of 160-220 meters, the serene sea and mild winds welcomed our crew. With minimal currents, the stage was set for an extraordinary angling experience. Armed with my trusty Evergreen Poseidon Slow pitch jerker 603-6 paired with an Ocea jigger 4000 HG, I opted for a 290-gram seafloor control arrow, a proven choice in recent trips.

As the jigging commenced, the thrill of a strike reverberated through the boat. Swift actions and strategic decisions unfolded as we reeled in long tail tunas, marking a promising start to the day. Worries of tangled lines were cast aside as each angler successfully landed their catch, a stark contrast to our recent outings.

Drifting for another round, I secured an average-sized long tail tuna, adding to my tally of four in the morning session. Intrigued by the prospect of underwater activity around buoys, we discovered evidence of Mahimahi indulging in a half-eaten Bonito, adding an unexpected twist to our adventure.

Returning to our jigging location, the captain suggested targeting red snapper with a slow jig. Adapting to the change, I switched to the Deepliner VB 250 grams, reeling in a Belt fish amidst the challenge. A brief break for food and rest reinvigorated our energy for the next phase.

Resuming our efforts, I switched to a fat jig from AliExpress, resulting in a much-needed nap that rejuvenated me for the subsequent angling endeavors. The remainder of the day unfolded with a series of successes, including landing a total of nine long tail tunas, contributing to a collective count of twenty-four tunas among all anglers.

While my personal best weighed in at 10 kgs on PE 1.5, the pursuit of a 25 kgs longtail on the same setup remains a tantalizing goal for future trips. As the year comes to a close, this adventure stands out as one of the highlights, offering a glimpse into the exciting possibilities that the next year holds. Grateful for the wonders of the ocean, we eagerly look forward to more thrilling exploits in the coming year.

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