Monday, May 1, 2023

What is Slow pitch Jigging

 Slow pitch jigging is a fishing technique which involves using a metal jig and special rod to move the jig. The technique involves in creating a mimic of an injured bait fish. The jigs used are heavy metal in various shapes. Slow pitch means the jig is pitched slowly by the rod to imitate the bait fish.

Yellow fin Tuna on Slow pitch jigging

This was developed by Sato Sensei a Japanese angler. I am mentored by Totos of Japanese anglers secrets.

Slow pitch jigging (SPJ) is different from fast jigging. In fast jigging the jig imitates a escaping bait unlike a injured fish in SPJ.

This technique can attract all kinds of fish. In bottom fishing you will need keep using shrimps of cut fish. They do not attract large predatory fishes. Also, fishing is limited to sea floor. In SPJ complete sea column can be fished. If the sonar or fish finder says fish is at 100 meters depth you can right go to 120 to 80 meters and jig and target the fish.

I have got Amberjacks, Long tail Tuna, yellow fin tuna, red snappers, ruby snappers, Bonitos, Trevally’s and even sultan Ibrahim on jigs.

This technique can entice the fish for an easy prey. Remember food is scare at deep waters.

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