Monday, May 15, 2023

What Is PE braid Line


    PE braid is  fishing line made from a material called polyethylene (PE). It is also commonly referred to as braided line or simply "braid." It is constructed by weaving multiple strands together resulting in a strong and thin line.

The number of strands and the weaving pattern can vary, affecting the line's overall strength and stretch. Many braided lines often have more strands, resulting in a smoother and rounder profile.

The key advantages of PE braid is its high strength-to-diameter ratio. It is considerably stronger compared to monofilament or fluorocarbon lines of the same diameter. This allows anglers to use thinner lines with increased strength, providing greater jigging depth and improved sensitivity to detect subtle bites.

PE braid also has minimal stretch, which means that it transmits even the slightest movements and vibrations from the fishing rod to the angler's hand, resulting in improved sensitivity and better hook sets. During high current situations jigging could not be possible as any action feels like stretching a rubber band. During such conditions we do not want to have the braid to stretch. If the braid stretches, then that would cancel any action on the jig. Remember moving the jig is the primary motive and in high current and high drift of boat this could be challenging.

The biggest disadvantage of PE braid is low abrasion resistance. If the PE rubs with anything it will break. There are two places it can rub. One is at the reef or rocks at the bottom of the seafloor. Other is boat when the fish is running. To avoid this, we need to have a leader or fluorocarbon with sufficient length.

Also due to lack of stretch any sudden impact can break PE. A fluorocarbon leader will absorb any sudden shock.

PE braid strength is provided by the manufacturer in lbs or kgs or by size . Example of a PE JIGGER ULT 4 BRAID SPJ is given below

Overall, PE braid is a versatile and durable fishing line choice that offers significant advantages in terms of strength, sensitivity, and reduced stretch allowing greater depths of jigging.

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