Saturday, May 20, 2023

Shark attacks my catch!


I was on a sharing trip with Arabian see charters with Captain Mario. This was my first jigging trip with them. Usually they take us to Ledge, submarine, and some locations in between. We were five anglers.

When we reached the first location, we saw another boat already fishing. Usually, I like to start where no boat has fished so you get some strike. When we looked closely, we saw one angler was fighting a fish. So was great enthusiasm we started dropping our jigs. As I reached the bottom boom, I got the strike. The fish came up soon indicating a long tail tuna. Then we continued jigging there got few more long tail tunas.

Later in the day I got another strike right at the bottom. As I was reeling, I was feeling light. The fish was coming up. Yes, it was another long tail tuna. After reeling few more meters, I felt the fish running. I had set about 4 kgs drags as I was PE 2. Wow I thought maybe I had stricken a huge, long tail tuna. Later I felt the fight was intermittent as you can see in the video. It was completely different, and I was confused what could it be. The reeling then was hard and when about 20 to 30 meters was remaining, I felt the reeling was suddenly so light. I thought maybe I lost the fish. But with slight resistance when I saw color of the fish, I knew long tail has stopped fighting. When we gaffed and tool the fish out, we see one quarter of the fish eaten by a shark.

Someone in the boat commented it is no more long tail Tuna !! of course we can’t call it long tail with the tail missing.

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