Thursday, June 1, 2023

How to set drag on fishing reel using Bouz drag checker


I was preparing for my fishing trip. I usually setup my gear before the trip fully. I thought I would record how I set up my gear and share with you. You can see above video for demonstration.

My reel is  Ocea jigger 2000NRHG. I have wound Sunline PE jigger Ultimate. 2 PE. There is about 600 meters line on this reel. Although the maximum drag, we can set on a Ocea jigger 2000 is 10 Kgs we cannot put max drag on it. We have set roughly 30 to 35 % of the line strength as drag.


This is Sunline PE jigger ultimate. You can see the line strength for 2 PE is 35 pounds or 15 kgs. 35 % is about 5 kgs drag. so, the max drag I will use is 5kg  set on the reel. However, when fighting the fish if the fish runs, I will thumb the line to slightly increase the drag. Thumbing should be smooth and gradually sudden impacts can snap the line.


This is Bouz drag checker. There are four variants of drag check. They 1 kg, 3 kg 5 kg and 15 kgs. I have 5 kgs and 15 kgs. For 2 PE I will use the red one to set 5 kgs drag. the white needle indicates the drag. the black needle moves the white needle during the drag check. You need to reset this to zero every time you use it. The graduation on this 1 kg starting from 3 kgs to 15 kgs. The blue one has graduation from .3 kg to 5 kgs.

 Now let’s see how we set the drag. you need to place the drag checker between the reel and first guide. Place the leader in between these three poles. Keep the drag checker in parallel to the rod and line. Pull the line. You will see the indicator moving to drag in the reel.


Now I have loosened the drag to gradually set the drag to required range.  Keep increasing the drag gradually like 2 notches as you reach the desired drag level.

As you start getting the feel of the drag level for each setting you may not require using the drag checker. But I want to be sure, so I use them every time. Since I started using them, I haven’t got line snapped and I am able to land fish most of the times.

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