Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Leader for Slow pitch jigging


Why do we need Leader for slow pitch jigging?

You will always see fluorocarbon leader used in any fishing set up. But why? I have seen many anglers use very thick leaders assuming that a thick leader is guaranteed to land a fish.

When fish starts running the sudden impacts are passed to the line system. PE lines are designed not to stretch. So, any heavy sudden impacts could snap the line. When a fluorocarbon is added they stretch and absorb such shocks. This is the primary function of leader.

When we slow pitch jig it usually over 50m depth. We use PE braid 1 PE to 2.5 PE. I do not use more than 2 PE. Thinner the PE more strike rate. I like to have more contacts. Strength of PE 2 is about 35 pounds. 

The places we jig are usually where there is structure on the sea floor. When fish takes the bait most fishes run towards to rocks. Game fishes like Amberjack or Groupers straight dive to the rocks. Big fishes can overpower our tackle and may be impossible to stop them from running. When we use PE braid alone, they may contact the rocks and snap. PE are weak when they rub or have friction with some surface. It is therefore essential have some something which can take the frictions against the rocks Fluorocarbons are so advanced that they are so flexible and strong against friction. So, they are preferred to be used at the end of the PE braid to protect the PE from contacting rocks. Also, when we end the fight, the fishes go underneath boat causing friction to the PE. PE prevents PE touching the boat during such situations also.

What is the strength of leader required for slow pitch jigging? 

Say we are using a 2 PE and the strength is 35 pounds. The leader should have strength more than the PE. Does It matter how much more if your PE strength is lower? i.e., whether you have 40 pounds leader, or 60 pounds leader does not matter as the line strength is 35 pounds only.  Any load more than 35 pounds the PE is going to break. Also, if you have a thicker leader the flexibility will be lesser, and the jigs will move with less freedom. I generally use 40-pound leader for 2 PE line. Anything more is not required and will gradually reduce the contact rate.

What should be the length of the leader for slow pitch jigging? 

Because purpose of the PE is to prevent shock and friction length should be sufficient to prevent them. To absorb shock at least 2 meters. To prevent rock depending on tr=target fish length must be decided. I fish in area where Amber jack is the target. Any fish over 10 kgs takes at least 20 meters line before it starts responding for reeling. At the least 5-meter leader is required if you are targeting such fish which run to the rock. During any day where the fish activity is low, and you are not getting any strike then reduce the leader length to 2 meters to have more contact rate.

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