Saturday, July 8, 2023

Trip to Khorfakkan 18th June - with amber jacks and Red snappers ( Pinjalo Snapper)


We were six anglers ready to take this trip. When I called the captain to check how the trip looks he raised a concern on the weather dur to the typhoon. However later he confirmed we can go and try. We planned to jig all day with finishing with bait fishing for last two hours due to Pinjalo snapper season.


We all assembled at 0445am. The boat departed at around 5 30 am. When we reached our first location I got the first strike followed by three more strikes. The fight was good and appeared different. The location is famous for Amberjack. But I knew this was not AJ. We a good size trevally. This was followed by two more trevally to the boat. One angler was fighting hard and he landed his first AJ.

It was a great start, and the next drift was similar. There were Trevallies and amberjack. After around two hours we had two drifts with no fish and thought time to move to other locations. Next location I got a long tail tuna. We did not expect a long tail tuna at this season. As the fish was coming to the surface faraway, we thought it could be a Cobia. Never mind I had good fun landing the long tail. Later a fellow angler landed an AJ.

Then when we move to other location it was dry and the summer heat was taking toll. The captain went past out red snapper location and found a big school on the sonar. We decided to anchor the boat and start bottom fishing.

He had 4 kilo of frozen squid. We got the rigs from captain. We used no 16 weight sinkers. The sabiki was with three hooks. I was lucky to get a rainbow runner on bait. We had many Pinjalo snappers back-to-back.

After the anchor I started feeling nausea and after two fishes had to rest for some time. After few hours of getting Pinjalo snapper we moved to our first spot on the way back. We got few more AJ’s. I did not get any strike. I felt nausea and went to sleep.

It was great day of fishing. We had the best catch this season. Although the weather was bad fishing was great. Thanks to the sea

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