Thursday, September 14, 2023

Jigging trip in Khorfakkan with Captain Ali date 10th Sep 2023

 Two days before the trip I called the captain to know how the activity is. He said that the previous week he did not go fishing and he will be going out on Saturday which was previous day to our trip. He said expect no red snappers as the season is coming to an end. However, he said he will go to the snapper location to check if there are any schools. On Saturday he sent a picture of the trip with full of Pinjalo snappers. He mentioned that he could got two amber jacks on jigging, but the clients wanted to go red snapper bottom fishing because they were not getting any strike. Ans after a two hour wait for the first strike, they got continuous hooks of snappers. So, the plan for us was similar. Jigging for first few hours and then reach snapper spot.

We started a bit late, but ride was fast to the first location. It was 100 meters deep. Fellow angler got a strike and reel was screaming. It was obvious amberjack. After a few meters of reeling, he lost the fish. we had hope and did two drifts but there was no other strike. We moved to our next location. It was 140 meters deep. I was using a deepliner spy 400 grams as the wind was slightly high and the boat was drifting fast. There was no strike after few drifts we moved to a location 200 meters depth. I was now using a seafloor control arc 450 grams on my Poseidon high pitch jerker. I use this rod whenever the current or wind is high, and I need to use heavy jig. This was paired with an Ocea jigger 4000HG with sunline PE 2. When I was jigging few meters above the bottom, I could not feel the jig. I reeled in fast and set the hook. As I was reel, I could not feel the fish. It was coming up quick and we knew it was a Tuna. It was a decent size long tail tune. Some hope after a few hours of jigging. Then later an angler got a Belt fish. I got another belt fish in the next drift. Captain decided we should now go for the snappers.

The captain anchored the boat at the location. We decided that only four anglers will drop the sabiki with squids. There was too much line tangling if more than for were dropping the sabiki. I waited for my as one got a beautiful Pinjalo snapper. One more got a Trigger fish with a grouper together. I got my turn to drop the sabiki. I enjoyed the fight of Pinjalo snapper. We got total of nineteen Pinjalo snapper with me getting three of them. As the day progressed the waves was rocking and as usual, I felt nausea. I started sleeping in the scorching heat. I need to buy the wrist band which helps preventing motion sickness.

A thoroughly fun trip. Enjoyed. Thanks to the ocean.

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