Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Sharks and Sharks ! Fishing trips with unanswered question


I was back from a short trip to India. I got the chance for a Dubai fishing trip. It is an expensive trip but i wanted to try this charter as i ahve always seen them post big Cobia sand  king fish.

From my previous trips experience in Dubai at 25 meter i setup jigs from 30 to 60 grams. All small short profiles. When we got the boat there were few experienced anglers. I saw one of them pull out 120 gms jigs long profile and other slow fall. I thought it is way too high for 20 to 35 meters jigging depth. 80 grams small profile and a medium profile was the biggest i was carrying. I cursed myself for leaving all my other jigs at home.

we were told that they have information that there was king fish activity at the location we were heading. when reached there we could see two commercial fisherman trolling. we started jigging. and slowly we started noticing top water activity here and there. no big schools but one or two fishes here and there. we were casting and sometimes jigging. The master angler got the strike and it was kking fish. he used a long profile. i was using a 40 grams and slow jigging. I had two strikes and lost the jigs. By this time two anglers got king fish. one of them advise me to start fast jigging. I never do fast jigging. it is not that i did not get strike but lost two jigs. I continued to change jigs and but no luck.

After several changes i picked the jig with orange stripes slow fall. on the drop i got a Barracuda. Account was opened but was disappointing to have a small barracuda. when i dropped again  i got a strike. This time reel was making the pleasant sound. I had set two kilos drag as the depth was low. I didn't want line to snap due sudden impacts.  when reeled found it was a Golden Trevally. This was my first one ever. Glad. and again on the next drop it was little more scream of the reel. got a slightly larger Golden trevally. now understood this jig was working, I started getting fish.

Later when I was jigging the fight was good and the fish was moving horizontally. I thought it was a Cobia. But when I reeled it closer it was a Shark. As usual the sharks fight very well. I got total five sharks. Deep inside i wanted to hook a king fish as others but I was getting Sharks. 

I got some queen fish, some sprangled emperor, a small red Grouper. Although the day was full of fish I was unable to get the King. The lesson was big kings and Cobia like longer profile jig. I have ordered few long and light weight jigs. will book a trip once they reach and try both slow pitch and fast jigging. 

It was a great trip but I still need to find some answers !!!

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