Sunday, December 17, 2023

Marine Chronicles: A Day of Mystery and Triumph with Captain Ali


This marks my second-to-last trip of the year alongside Captain Ali, and with 21 out of 22 trips booked, anticipation runs high. Having returned empty-handed on November 26th at Khorfakkan, the desire for substantial catches intensifies. Captain Ali, a few days before the trip, suggests packing 120-180 grams jigs for fast jigging and a 30 grams jig for casting with a light setup targeting long-tail tuna if there's topwater activity. He adds a twist, mentioning red snappers and the prospect of slow jigging.

Starting at the usual 5 AM, I'm armed with a 210 grams Nomad high ridge with zebra stripes jig for fast jigging at our initial spot. Upon reaching, Captain reveals the depth to be 140 meters, prompting a switch to a sea floor arc 310 grams jig. The first drift yields success—a fellow angler hooks an Amberjack after a spirited fight. Excitement courses through the group, setting a positive tone. We switch locations, reaching depths of 180 to 220 meters. Constantly changing jigs pays off, and after a few hours, I land a Belt fish with a 290 grams jig. Using the Poseidon slow jerker 603-6 with an Ocea jigger 4000HG reel, the Poseidon rig proves its worth. Success follows as I reel in a grouper and a sultan Ibrahim, culminating in a satisfying catch—a medium-sized long-tail tuna.

The highlight of the day unfolds when a monstrous fish takes a fellow angler's jig at 40 meters deep. Despite the reel pushed to its limits, the fish persists. Captain Ali takes over, suspecting a Huge Marlin or a large shark. Unlike typical Marlins, this one refuses to surface, adding an air of mystery. Unfortunately, the line snaps at the leader end, leaving us in suspense.

Undeterred, we try trolling with a buoy and small Bonitos, but luck eludes us. On the way back, spotting topwater activity leads to casting for small, long-tail tunas, yet the effort yields no catches.

Overall, it's been a remarkable day at sea. Captain Ali and I decide to plan future trips targeting sailfish and Marlin later in the year, promising more thrilling adventures on the horizon

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