Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Mahi Mahi Adventure


Mahi Mahi Adventure 9th July 2023


I just came back from vacation on Saturday. This trip was planned on Sunday. It was a sharing trip. It was supposed to be 7 anglers for the Mahi Mahi adventure. One Angler did not turn up, so we ended being six. I was happy as more space on the boat.

Usually, the charter arranged plenty of live bait for Mahi trips. But this time they mentioned we may need to get live bait during our trip but luckily, they got 50 pieces last evening and was available.

Mahis usually hang around structures and anchored ships. Our first location was to a Buoys. Just before we reached it, we found some top water activity. It was long tail tuna. I was casting a 30 grams jig. The rod was Shimano Nexawe with Stradic 3000 reel. It as a light setup for fishing at Fujairah Sea. I got the strike on the first cast. You can see the video here. Small long tail tuna.

All tuna suddenly disappeared and after a brief wait the captain suggested we move one. We reached the Buoys and saw some top water activity. The fish was shining we understood the Mahis were there. We started casting I was on the same setup. The Mahis were small, so I wanted to try my light setup. I got a strike and landed a bull. Small one but did fight well. I understood that Mahi could really tire us if they were big.

One thing about Mahi Mahi was it is amazing to see it jumping. It jumps high when the hooks are set. When it reaches the boat, it tries to run as much as possible still jumping. It Makes such a show that we get mesmerized by the beautiful color and action. Sadly, they lose the color so quickly when they are out of the water.

Later we moved to live Bait. I started using my Ripple fisher aquila rod with Shimano stella 8000. I have to agree that it was too heavy setup for these small one. But I have to wait until September for the bigger ones to enjoy this setup.

Overall, a great trip. Enjoyed every bit of this five-hour adventure on the Fujairah seas. Thanks to waters.

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