Friday, August 4, 2023

Dubai Deep sea fishing trip 29th july 2023

On Wednesday I got a call from Capt. that the weather for the weekend looks bad. There could be large waves. Jigging and anchoring for bottom fishing for Pinjalo Snapper (Red snapper) may not be possible. We cancelled the trip. Then I was looking for any Dubai trips as the weather on this coast was ok.

I booked on a sharing trip. We were six guys. The boat was forty-nine feet and was looking spacious.  I was carrying 20-100 grams jigs. The jigging depth was 20-30 meters only. I was with Grappler light jigging rod power two with an Ocea jigger F custom 1000 HG. It was spooled with sunline 1.5 PE ULT line. The line was from my jigging reel.

When we reached the first spot, I used a 40-gram jig. One fellow angler was using squid as bait. he started getting the sherries back-to-back. It was followed by another guy using the same bait. he was also getting strikes of Sherries. I was getting bit frustrated as jigging next to bait was not so effective. However, I got a strike with a small sherry. Happy to see something and then released the same to the waters. Catch and release is always fun.

As I was jigging felt 40 grams was falling too fast. Then I changed to twenty grams. Twenty grams was taking too much time to hit the bottom. But I continued to use it see how effective it was. I was getting one spot snappers. I got two small red groupers (Hammour). I released then safely to the waters. Later at a location we started getting small barracuda. the Barracudas were a little over feet long. They were damaging the leaders but not cutting them. I wanted to try metal leader and see if they changed my chances of getting fish. After the change in leader, I was not getting any fish. Metal leader does hinder with jig action???

Overall, the trip was continuous action filled with small fishes. Great entertainment. Enjoyed the trip. 

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