Saturday, August 5, 2023

Amazing slow pitch jigging deep sea fishing trip to Fujairah 30th July 2023

Weather during July has been windy. The waves in Gulf seas have been large. Most trips have been cancelled. Our 23rd July trip was cancelled and postponed to 30th July. Four days before the trip Captain said that we would cancel the trip, we were disappointed as summer is the only time, we could get some red snapper (Pinjalo Snapper) in Fujairah. However, two days before the trip date weather improved and the trip was reinstated. little did not realize that this was going to be one of the best fishing trips of the year. you can watch above video to see highlights of the catches.

We started off at 5 am. Reached our first spot. I was slow pitch jigging with Evergreen Poseidon slow pitch jerker 603-6 paired with an Ocea jigger 4000HG. The PE braid was Sunline 1.5 PE ULT and leader Seagaur no 12. The captain suggested to used 200 grams jig. I dropped a Deepliner spy 200 grams zebra pattern jig. We removed the bottom as the captain suggested due to heavy snagging in the area. I know we could have lost some fish if they had taken the jig on the drop. With cost of jigs so high we need to save the jigs and loose fish if required. However, after three drifts and no action we moved to our second location. 

I was dropping seafloor control rector, Deepliner spy of different weights and at the next spots. We were unlucky. There was not a single strike until 930 am. 
We reached another jigging area and found three other boats already jigging. We heard some happy voices from one of the boats landing a long tail tuna. My hope to get fish came back. I was jigging with a seafloor control arc. Suddenly I felt my line was loose. I reel in fast and set the hook. I was reeling and when the fish reached almost the boat it shook its head and I felt it unhooked. I enjoyed the reeling though. 

I dropped the same jig again. I could feel somebody took the jig. I set the hook and the reel was screaming. The fish was taking line and I knew it was an Amberjack. Wow what a feeling when a large fish takes line. I was thumbing to increase the drag and turn the fish head. Slow started reeling the fish. was so happy to have the amberjack on boat. The first fish of the trip on the boat. After few drips again I change a to a glow jig. To everyone’s surprise I had a strike. This time fish was coming up fast and all knew it was a long tail tuna. The tuna was small size but was fighting and refusing to come up when it saw the boat. After letting the fish run its circles few times, I slowly pulled the fish up. The second fish was on the boat.

Later the boat Capt. went to get a huge Amberjack and Trevally. Then we moved to new spot. When a fellow angler was reeling in line, he had strike on the fish. he was tired and asked me to retrieve the fish. I started retrieving and saw a splash of water. We understood a shark was trying to take the fish. as I was reeling, I felt there was no fish and thought the shark had eaten the whole fish. but we got half eaten Mahi Mahi fish.

We decided to go to red snapper spot and start some bottom fishing with squids. After the first 15 minutes all five anglers had continuous strikes of ren snapper (Pinjalo snappers). These snappers fight hard, and it is so much fun to land them. 

It was a great trip. Enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks to the ocean.

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