Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Fishing trip Khorfakkan 06 Aug 2023


This was a planned trip with Capt. Ali. We were six guys. Two days before the trip Captain advised the weather Is ok but may be with larger waves. On the day of trip when I checked it was showing 0.6-meter wave. We met at 0430am and left the port at 0515 am. The ride was slow due to the waves. Water was splashing all over us. We reached our first spot in about one and half hours.

Our first spot was 170 meter deep. We were barely able to stand as the boat was rocking. Capt. asked us use 300-350 grams jigs. I started with a 350 grams jig. As dropped the boat was drifting a lot and the jig was moving far. No way to maintain vertical fall. Keeping the jig vertical is the most important factor for slow pitch jigging. When I hit the bottom and started jigging, I could feel the action was not so great. I quickly retrieved the jig and the captain said we drift again. I changed to 450-gram sea floor control arc. As was jigging with heavy I was able to remain vertical for some time. But I felt the jig was falling too fast. I am still not sure if that fast fall is good to give a chance for the fish to strike.

Later we moved to the second spot. It was 180 meters to 200 meters. I still continued to use the 450 grams. I felt that that jig continued to fall fast. I was using the Poseidon high pitch jerker paired with Ocea jigger 4000HG spooled with sunline 2 PE. I changed to 400 grams. Still felt falling fast. When I changed to 350 fall was ok, but verticality was not maintained. I am assuming that the current in the waters was less. But the boat was drifting faster. I was continuously changing jigs and different weights. I kept changing between Slow pitch jerker and the high pitch jerker too. There was no luck. 

Other angler got a small barracuda, a very small grouper and one guy hit a decent long tail tuna. I did not get any luck. Until 12 Pm. The captain suggested we do some bottom fishing for red snapper (Pinjalo Snapper). So, we started moving towards the red snapper spot. It was 140 meters. We used squid as bait. On the first drop onwards, we continued to get red snappers. We also got few Koffer fish. We got about 20 pieces of red snapper. 

We had continuously action until we left around 1615. It was great fun. Thanks to the sea.

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